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Watch: R2Bees And Efya are Puzzled by Cupids on ‘Could This Be Love?’ Video

Rap duo, R2Bees ponder on the ‘Could this be love’ question on their latest single, featuring label mate and afro soul act Efya. The Killbeatz produced slow tempo, RnB oozing “Could This Be Love” has Mugeez posing the question on the opening lines of the song: ‘could this be love? Is this forever? Or ebi say i dey waste my time/ you dey waste your time?’ Mugeez proceeds to reveal the back story to his question: he can’t tell who she is again; she brings fire when he walks with her through the rain. Efya, in her notable soulful...

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Video: Watch Ko-Jo Cue’s Rap Battle Styled “Wole Remix”

With all featured guests exhibiting their lyrical prowess, “Wole Remix” is what hip hop fans have been waiting to hear.   It’s finally here. Days after announcing a remix version, Ko-Jo Cue has finally released the remix of his street anthem “Wole”; this time featuring some of the finest lyrical MCs you’d find on the music scene. “Wole”– a Ga word that means ‘pick up‘- doubles as an exhibition of lyrical mastery by the MC’s and a motivational anthem that urges people not to despair but rather find the energy to steer through the challenges of life. With what...

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Watch: Worlasi Finds Deadly Love After A Trail of Assassinations in BoozeHigh Video

How far and hard are you willing to go to accomplish a dream? For, Worlasi he will go the full hog; even if he needs to risk his own life to realize his ambitions. This statement is evidently showcased in his new video for ‘’BoozeHigh’’. The POKA produced animation shows the afro-fusionist singer/rapper, Worlasi taking down every obstacle on his way to his greatness. The video cast him as a sword wielding, black samurai, who had to, literally cut to size a band of men, a giant and a floating shaolin monk on his way to a castle that held...

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Watch: Akan Releases Phenomenal Video to ME SIKA ADURO

Akan released a music video to Me Sika Aduro, and it’s phenomenal. If there was any video that needed to be created post-release of Akan’s classic album – Onipa Akoma – it was most definitely Me Sika Aduro. And yes, it comes with a number of good reasons. Some you may have missed. Me Sika Aduro is the ‘pop’ tune off the album; it’s message is a true reflection of the wishes of every person; and the lyrical abilities of Akan is at it’s true best. The video directed by Yaw Skyface, portrays all the sub-themes of the song:...

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How Cina Soul, Amaa Rae, Ria Boss, Robin Huws Are Bringing Neo-Soul Back

From L-R Cina Soul, Amaa Rae, Ria Boss, Robin Huws In 2016, Cina Soul released her soulful, heart drenching ballad ‘Awo’ to a warm reception. She instantly got a look from a cross section of Ghanaian music fans off that. And the reasons aren’t far-fetched. Her voice was alluring, striking each line of these wounding lyrics with distinction. The soulful nature of ‘Awo’ was refreshing and different from what was dominating radio. Again, she is a captivating figure- beautiful and innocent with a ‘girl-next-door’ appeal. With ‘Awo’, Cina Soul shared a story about losing someone very dear; something many...

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