Videos: Sena Dagadu Drips in Colour on ‘Yo Chale’; Bryan The Mensah Leans In With ‘Wallabow You’

Sena Degadu Bryan The Mensa
Sena Dagadu Drips in Colour on ‘Yo Chale’; Bryan The Mensah Leans In With ‘Wallabow You’

Sena Dagadu feat Sarkodie – Yo Chale


What instantly catches your fancy happens on the 7 seconds mark. A nicely made up Sena Dagadu breaks onto the screen, all resplendent in her looks: a headgear, sunglasses and a white and light orange outfit, in sync with the furnishings that adorned the room she occupies. The scene is reminiscent of a goddess sitting comfortably in her shrine.

The element of colour is incredibly pervasive in this video. From graffiti works to the painted trotro bus to the outfit worn by her dancers, Sena Dagadu made sure she brought all the elements of hip hop into one big cauldron: music, b-boying, graf works, and dance. And the fun and party never seem to cease.

‘Yo Chale’ (translates as hey, friend) is cast in electro-house sentiments, with Sena Dagadu rendering her message of ‘learn-to-take-time-and-chill’ in a rap-sing approach. The thumping drums, the slapping 808s and her voice-which begins in whispery tones, ultimately climaxing with intensity along with the beat makes ‘Yo Chale’ the perfect rave song.

On the song’s pre-hook, Sena Dagadu makes a proposal: ‘make we find some chow/ make we blow some dough/make we ride to the sea-side and catch some flow’ and the hook itself amplifies the message further: ‘Yo, chale, make we go, let’s get kicking’. In short, she entreats all to take a break from their daily hustle and catch some fun.

The video also has scenes of Sena Dagadu in a cage enclosure, spotting a black jacket, complimented by her bead chain and ray bans having a moment. She’s joined by Sarkodie who, as usual, lays a verse that feeds into the theme, effortlessly switching up the flows. Evidently, Sarkodie has mastered the skill of riding any beat handed him.

Sena Dagadu’s creativity blows out on whatever song she’s on, merging her European and Ghanaian/African influences into an infectious rhythmic enchantment. And ‘Yo Chale’s’ funkiness feed into this trope.

There are cameos from Worlasi-who had a paint canister in hand graffing out on a wall- and the legendary producer, DJ, music executive DJ Rab in this Prince Ibam directed video for Breakthrough Studios.

Bryan The Mensah – Wallabow You


If you have been following Bryan The Mensah for a bit, you would appreciate why he chose to shoot his first video for his song ‘Wallabow You’. His line of merchandise: T-shirts, crop tops, baseball caps and sweatshirts- has ‘’Wallabow You’’ boldly splashed on the front. This video is a way to promote the brand and also himself- killing two birds with one stone.


Stitching various scenes together, the video isn’t too flashy; neither is it excessive. (We see Bryan The Mensah sitting in a car with glowing balloons reminiscent of the album cover for Friends With The Sun, in a hallway pulling off the trap dance-the directors switching between real and silhouette frames).

With his debut album, ‘Friends With The Sun’ earning rave reviews and endorsement from Apple music, Bryan The Mensah’s talent has endeared him to many. And the many who come across his music are enchanted by his talent.

In an era where visibility is gold, Bryan The Mensah’s decision to release a full-length video for a song is great. Fans will now see their favorite rapper in ‘flesh’.

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