An Education On Flow – Phlowducation

Nothing beats good music. And when I say good music, I mean music that resonates with the listener on one level or the other. Good music tends to embody the artist who makes it. Teephlow’s Phlowducation is the epitome of good music. This EP took me by surprise. I knew to expect something amazing from Teephlow, but this level of awesomeness all in one EP, was something no one could possibly be prepared for. Phlowducation definitely lived up to its name. It was an education on flow… and our lecturer, Teephlow nailed it!
From the very beginning of this amazing EP to the end, our lecturer (Teephlow) doesn’t hold back at all. Not only did he drop constant punchlines that had me repeating some of the songs on the list, he never lost his content. His content was rich, unlike most international songs we go crazy over. This is a project from the motherland, by the motherland, and it is one that made the motherland proud. He did hit on some hard truths, which people might misinterpret as him calling people out, but that’s not it. He did rap proud. He expressed himself. He told us what he sees around him. He connected with us through his amazing content.
The intro to Phlowducation was pure genius! I was so hyped by it to be honest. This leads me to another thing about this EP that was well done… the collaborations. I may not know what goes into finding the right person to feature in your song, but Teephlow and his team definitely got that down. Each feature on this project brought a unique sound to it. Making it a true masterpiece. Just like the final song on the list. That was an amazing way to end the project.
Teephlow, you made us proud. Phlowducation was a great way to usher in a new year!
Overall I’d give this project a solid 9/10. No take backs.

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