You may have heard the viral ‘you want to bamba’ amapiano tune and wondered who was the brain behind it. Well Noble, popularly known as Nektunez is a multi-genre record producer, performer, song writer, composer and entrepreneur from Ghana and he is the man behind the Ameno tune.

Noble had a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Ghana’s renowned university, University of Ghana Legon.

His interest however in music grew early in life as a result of his interactions with musicians.

Since high school, Nektunez has developed his talent on both traditional and percussion instruments. He basically taught himself all he knows now on beats and also spent many hours in the studio sharpening his skills.

His distinct beat-playing style makes him stand out regardless the project he is tasked to perform in. It is therefore no surprise to many people after finding out about him because this tune has fast become a global anthem for all music fans.

Ameno Amapiano, produced by Nektunez, has become the order of the day in Accra’s most popular clubs as well as in other African countries and even outside of the continent.

Majority of dancing videos have now gone viral on TikTok including videos from all over the world.

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