Phrame spit hard on fans in new music

Young artists are using their work to voice out their frustrations in the music scene and are yearning for a reform, and that is exactly what we hear in Phrame’s ‘Stay away or Stay real’ single.

As the title suggests, is either you are staying away or you are being a real supporter of his craft “the fake love no dey help” he said in one of the lines.

The young rapper, Phrame, spits hard bars on both fans and fellow artistes who have refused to support their colleagues in the music scene, in one of the lines he said “More boys dey biz why I no blow…..”

Phrame touched on a lot of sensitive spots that are causing harm in his music profession in ‘Stay away or Stay real’, he shared lots of bitter experiences he has had from fans. He talked about some his fans not streaming his song, sometimes he end up giving them data to stream, but they e don’t it.

In the song Phrame advised his fans to stream his videos and stop watching pornographic materials online.

The music video which has a duration of 2 min 30 seconds, was directed by a young producer and videographer Mollex and song mixed by Ivan Beatz. In the video Garriba, Phrame and some young children were starred in the video. The video had a serene location and interesting characters.

Watch video below:


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