Stonebwoy fights ‘galamsey’ with new single titled ‘Greedy Men

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Ghanaian dancehall artiste, Livingstone Etse Satekla, popularly known as Stonebwoy, has joined the fight against illegal mining in Ghana. The award-winning musician of international repute is using music to draw attention to the illegal mining menace as well as the destruction of the environment.

The new song titled ‘Greedy Men’ highlights the detrimental effects of illegal small-scale gold mining in Ghana often known as galamsey. In the song, Stonebwoy speaks on the economic loss, greater loss of life and property, poisoning of soil and groundwater, biodiversity loss, chemical leakages, and other long-term negative repercussions the activity is having on the country.

He also mentions how foreign companies engage in illegal gold mining in Ghana in their quest for riches at the detriment of the local people. Speaking to Bernard Avle on the The Point of View on Citi TV, Stonebwoy said as a concerned citizen, he thought it wise to add his voice to the fight against illegal mining which is endangering the lives of other people.

“It [the scourge of galamsey] hit me especially when I did the Boss Energy tour when I went all the way to Bawku. When I saw certain things, I was really touched. And I said to myself I sung Run Go and all the other conscious songs but this would be another time to put this one also onto a record and speak about it because it’s affecting society,” he said.



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Source: Citi newsroom

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