What We Are Binge Listening This November: Baaba J’s “Lumumba St” EP

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Official cover art for Baaba J for Aftown Music’s Album Of The Month

Every month, Aftownmusic will be highlighting one album/EP or mixtape just for its sheer brilliance and replay value.

This month’s pick of the month is Baaba J’s “Lumumba St”, a 5-track project that holds your attention from the intro right down to the last song. The songs span different genres and are a perfect introduction to Baaba J, what she represents, and her sound range.

Female Ghanaian music artiste
Ghanaian Artiste, Baaba J//image via artiste

Unlike most intros that rarely get played again, Baaba J’s titled “Intro” is a soulful love song about yearning for love. Her voice catches you by surprise and the emotion is felt in her voice. The transition from this to the next love song “Forever” is seamless.

You almost don’t know you’ve moved on to the next song except for the change in the pace of the song. On “Black or White“, Baaba switches from singing her heart out to taking on a more quiet tone to fit the riddim of the song preaching unity, peace and togetherness regardless of your background or identification. “Play Along” is like the artiste’s personal CV and bio…on this, Baaba obviously had fun recording. You can tell with the way she skips along on the beat, bragging and showing she can do it all: rap and sing.

The last song “Tomboy” is fun and like an extension of her ‘bio’ on “Play Along” On this song, she sings about being a Tomboy and how it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

The most interesting thing about Lumumba St lies in the careful arrangement of the songs. It’s like a pleasant rhythmic uphill climb preaching all forms of love from romantic love, loving yourself and believing in your capabilities as well as loving others for who they are.

Listen here: Lumumba St

Watch the video for Tomboy here: Baaba J – Tomboy

Find Baaba J on Twitter @Baaba_jj and Instagram @Baaba_j

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