Davido Adds Electric Energy to Growing Hit Song, “Ogechi”

The Nigerian superstar raises the commercial ceiling of the rising hit song, adding his superstar element to the silky harmonies of Boypee, Hyce and Brown Joel.

Davido is a walking stimulus package, capable of raising the commercial ceiling of any song he graces. It also helps that he’s consistently tapped into emerging hit songs and is open to guesting on remixes, as shown on Lady Donli’s “Cash (Remix),” Young Jonn’s “Dada (Remix),” and more.

For his latest guest appearance, the Nigerian superstar features on the remix of “Ogechi,” a song that’s been spreading through TikTok and local airwaves at a fairly fast pace. The release also coincides with his wedding ceremony, and is also symbolic as a love song whose titular muse is from the south eastern part of Nigeria, the same region of the country his wife is from.

Opening the song in his typically boisterous form, Davido injects an electric energy into the syrupy love song, delivering lines that will almost certainly be chanted at events like wedding parties.

Original collaborators, Boypee, Hyce and Brown Joel reprise the seamless chemistry and silky harmonies that made “Ogechi” such a winning song in the first place. Now with a remix with Afrobeats’ foremost hitmaker, their Igbo Folk-indented song has the potential to become way more than an of-the-moment internet sensation.

Listen below.


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