Teni’s “Young Black Girl From Africa” Video is a Bold Celebration of Black Girl Magic

Singer-songwriter Teni releases the co-directed visual for “Young Black Girl From Africa” (YBGFA), a track off her sophomore album, “Tears Of The Sun,” released in 2023.

Teni describes the song’s creation as an A-Z freestyle, aiming to create a universal anthem of empowerment. “I just wanted a song [in which] everyone could feel free, regardless of what they’re going through, regardless of where they are in their life, regardless of how hard things are, or how much you feel like nobody gets you or nobody understands. she says. “Regardless of who you are, just know you’re valid, and freedom starts with you, it’s all you. It’s never about your oppressors. Your oppressors will never give you freedom willingly, you have to take it too. That’s what the song is about, taking your freedom.”

Watch the video below:

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