Watch: Akan Releases Phenomenal Video to ME SIKA ADURO

Akan Me Sika Aduro
Me Sika Aduro Video

Akan released a music video to Me Sika Aduro, and it’s phenomenal.

If there was any video that needed to be created post-release of Akan’s classic album – Onipa Akoma it was most definitely Me Sika Aduro. And yes, it comes with a number of good reasons. Some you may have missed.

Me Sika Aduro is the ‘pop’ tune off the album; it’s message is a true reflection of the wishes of every person; and the lyrical abilities of Akan is at it’s true best.

The video directed by Yaw Skyface, portrays all the sub-themes of the song: love for money, living the good life, and the consequences that comes with being rich. These are deliberately delivered in four phases. Watching the video feels like watching an enactment of a sold out stage play.

Akan Me Sika Aduro

The Me Sika Aduro Video Concept

The video opens with a mid-short of a man walking towards a derelict building. We don’t get to see his face; only his legs are shown. Akan is introduced while strapped in a chair and clad in a red cloth.

The room setting is sparse, and badly lit- except for the natural light that descended on the two characters. Evidently, the scene depicts Akan undergoing the ritual to become rich.

It then transitions to the next phase where a now successful Akan is seen reaping from his various ‘businesses‘. Follow up scenes have him partying with women as he lays in a sombre mood: the realization that money doesn’t guarantee happiness.

“Me Sika Aduro” video solidly confirms the apparent truth that money is good, but riches from a bad place isn’t a guarantor of happiness. It feeds into the all is vanity trope.

This is masterfully depicted under the following phases: Ak)n) (List or wishes where Akan undergoes the ritual ceremony); Tumi (Power confirms the notion of money beget power and respect); Ahwease (Downfall, the money and power coupled with all the pains he had to endure to be rich could save him in the end).

Majority of the scenes of the video is cast in bloody red. This isn’t out of place since the whole narrative of ‘Me Sika Aduro” is on the quest for riches through money rituals (blood money) and red signifies that.

The Abusua Tintin Skit

In the course of the song, Akan infuses a skit of “Abusua Tintin”, a song that portrays the richness and depth of the Akan culture.

“Abusua Tintin” emphasizes the misconception about money pervasive in our society and the regular misleading actions that follows. The “Abusua Tintin” skit feels like an mboguo (a different story that advances the story/ feeds into the bigger narrative being told) to advance the narrative on “Me Sika Aduro”.

What Akan has done with “Me Sika Aduro” is to offer a visual representation of his message on the song, especially for those who may not be able to grasp the ‘elective’ Twi he speaks on the song: that every decision one makes has repercussions and sometimes could be deadly.

Watch “Me Sika Aduro” video here:

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