DJ Duo, IFKR Talk About Their Debut Album “UHNI”, Friendship and Future of Afro EDM

IFKR - DJK3V & Effthedj Interview for new album
IFKR – DJK3V & Effthedj Interview for new album


Revelers within the city of Accra may have either encountered DJ K3V or Eff The DJ or both DJs playing at their favourite pub or social event ground. The two, collectively known as ‘IFKR’, have grown their talent and brand as one of the best DJing hands the city has to offer. Having them behind the turntable is like gifting guests at an event with precious jewels. They don’t only leave you satisfied, but, also ensure you leave with a memorable experience.

The history of K3V and Eff travel few years back. They met at Ashesi University during their student days. DJ K3V was already building a reputation as the go-to DJ for events on campus. Eff The DJ, a music enthusiast, was enthralled by a K3Vs set that he asked to be taught the art of DJing. That friendship, sealed by their love for music and years of playing together, has resulted in their release of their debut album.

Titled “U Hxve Nx Idxv” (pronounced U Have No Idea or UHNI for short), the nine-track album was released on July 20. “UHNI” is heavily influenced by Electronic Dance/House Music- an unsurprising choice of genre considering the two are among a few crop of DJs pushing the genre within Accra’s music space.

The decision to go EDM/House music occurred when they played a set at The Republic Bar (in Osu). Recounting the night, Eff The DJ was surprised by how a casual Friday night session turned, literally into a concert, with people who were out to have a casual hangout jamming to their set. ‘It started with 5, then 10 people. By the time we realized, the whole place was full…it literally became a concert. That night, IKRF was born’’.

On whether building the album and their music set on EDM/House music was deliberate, DJ K3V said, their love for house music coupled with how monotonous the soundscape is, especially at some popular music spaces influenced their decision.

‘’We have a very strong foundation in house music. It’s something we have been listening to. People actually tell us tha, you go to the same spaces in Accra and hear the same kind of sound. So, we chose to do something different. What I’ve realized is that, the reception over the years has become stronger and stronger. People actually love it’’

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In this two part interview, the two discussed the making of “UHNI”; how they got the artists to be part of it; the contribution of Nigerian artist/producer, Odunsi to realizing the album; the general reception and future of EDM/House Music in Ghana. “UHNI” features the likes of Odunsi The Engine, Teephlow, Adomaa, AYAT, Zepora, Kula, $pacely, Hama, Legacy among others.

And like they said, you have no idea how much mayhem the album would cause within the music space.

The album is currently available on Aftown for purchase.

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