Bertha Bridget Kankam popularly known as Yaa Yaa has just released her new single titled ‘E Be Money’

‘E Be Money’ means ‘because of money’. In the Song she say the different names for money in different languages; such as French, Twi and Ga.

The song talks about how everything we do is because of money. She talks about how we sweat, hustle and work because of money. All of our goings and comings are linked to money.

The song is uptempo and has a catchy chorus and beat. You can still sense the soul in the music so it doesn’t take away from the style of music we know Yaa Yaa to do. It’s relatable to everyone as we are all in it for the money, one way or another, though we may not want to necessarily admit it.

For me personally, I’d say I like the sound, the song has a message behind it and it speak concerning everyday life.

‘E Be Money’ has been released on the Aftown Music App and is available to download for GH₵2.00. Simply go to where you can download Yaa Yaa’s new single as well as other artist.


Written by Noelle Francesca

Twitter: @NoelleFranc3sca